Restoration Well Healing
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About the therapist

Rose-Paula Manuel, LMT 

License# MA89908

Rose-Paula Manuel has had an interest in natural medicine since early childhood and even began practicing massage therapy then. Where she is from, Haiti, natural medicine is widely practiced. Thus, natural medicine is a part of who she is but more importantly massage therapy.  She completed her massage licensure at Baltimore school of Massage. Although she had been chosen and introduced to the field since the age of 9, she didn’t fully walk into it until about 24 years old when her younger sister was diagnosed with Scleroderma. During that life changing period of her life, she encountered acupuncture. To her surprise, acupuncture would be the only thing that not only alleviated her sister's pain and discomfort but would also make a difference in her overall health. As a result, she decided to pursue a career in massage therapy as a mean to care for her ill sister. Unfortunately, her sister passed away before she could complete the program. Although she lost her "why", she has made a vow to become a healing vessel to help others along their healing journey.

After attaining her license in massage therapy, Rose felt a calling in the Oriental Medicine field. She is currently furthering her education and knowledge at Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine. Her new acquired knowledge has greatly influenced her massage techniques and focus. She now includes a lot of stretching and point focus, cupping, moxa and gua sha treatments.

The human body is a beautiful complex organism designed to heal itself with proper dietary intake, self care, stretching, exercising, and healthy thoughts the body will function at its optimum peak. She practices natural healing because she was called and chosen for it. Natural healing is one of the many gifts that was given to her. However, she overall does it because she absolutely loves being a willing conductor to facilitate healing. 

When she is not working or in school, Rose dedicates herself to continue elevating her spiritual self and mastering her belief. Some of her hobbies are researching different herbs and alternative forms of treatment, writing, and learning different languages. She also does a lot of work with young women as a big sister and a lot of outreach work within her community.