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About the therapist

Rose-Paula Manuel, LMT 

License# MA89908

My name is Rose-Paula Manuel and I am a daughter of the most high and a devout follower of The Way. I have been practicing natural medicine since I was about 9 years old. Where I am from, Haiti, natural medicine is widely practiced. Thus, natural medicine is a part of who I am but more importantly massage.  I completed my massage licensure at Baltimore school of Massage and I currently am furthering my education and knowledge in the field of Oriental Medicine. My new acquired knowledge has greatly influenced my massage techniques and focus. I do a lot of stretching and point focus treatments. Some of my hobbies are researching different herbs and alternative forms of treatment, writing, and learning different languages. I also do a lot of work with young women as a big sister and a lot of outreach work within my community.

I believe that the human body is a beautiful complicated machine designed to heal itself. Proper nourishment, self care, stretching and exercising will help the body function at its highest and best. I practice natural healing because that is one of the gifts that was given to me but mostly because I absolutely love being a willing vessel to facilitate healing. 


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